The successtory of father Jan and son Kees, a small loft with top results.

Jan started with pigeons at an early age, with some birds coming from local fanciers, also his brothers Klaas and Theo were fanciers. He married in 1965, and many before him, he disposed of all his birds. But in 1972 he started with a comeback in Heerhugowaard, his first pigeons being obtained from his brother Klaas, who was at the top in the Combine. Those birds were of the early Janssen Line, Bange van '59. Also from Nico Pronk, a friend of Klaas, came a couple Janssenbirds. This couple gave the 72-1458117, a winner of eight 1st prizes in the club, and later became one of the super breeders. In 1976, Jan obtained a pure Van Loon hen, again a winner of three 1st prizes, mainly with hot weather and strong headwind.

Then 10 years later Kees obtained a young Van Loon cock from a local fancier, who had 2 superbirds, this were mother and daughter. And from the daughter Kees, became a young cock, who was a year later the father of the absolute number one stock cock, the Romario. In 1988 the Bleekers moved to Sint Pancras, a small village near city Alkmaar, in the North of Holland. And once again Klaas provided the pigeons with which to begin again, and they started in 1989 with 10 pair racers and 4 stockpairs. On the first race from Roosendaal, 80 miles, Romario won the 1st prize, and in the following 4 races, he won 3 1st prizes. With his best results he became the 8th National Acebird short distance. In the same year his yearling son the 88-519 won the 2nd Provincial against 16.000 b. of Pont St. Max (255 miles) with hot weather and strong headwind. In only 2 seasons Romario won 7 1st prizes,in 1990 he was transferred to the stock loft, and he became father of the Etampeshen, 90-288118, the mother of the superbirds, the Rappe, the Super '15, the Mustang, the Rakker etc. Mother of Romario was a granddaughter of the 72-1458117, and she was also the mother of the 91-108 with 1st - 1284 b, 1st. - 2177 b., 1st - 6698 b.

In the same year that Romario became the 8th best pigeon of Holland, the Bleekers had another cock, the Goede '86, who was the 14th National pigeon short distance, and this 2 birds win the 3rd National Championship on the short distance over 4 races. The Goede '86 is forming one of the top stock couples together with the 90-2288118, the Etampeshen. In 1996 the 3 best Ace-pigeons in the Combine with 500 members were 3 sons from this pairing. On the 1st place, the Rakker, 2nd the Super '15, 3rd the Rappe. Another son the Mustang won four 1st prizes, and is an outstanding breeder. In 1997 a new star was born, the 97-1325022, the Super '22, after 2 seasons he won five 1st prizes in the CC, against 3236 b, 2504 b, 1490 b, 880 b, 841 b

His mother was also a daughter from Romario, and his father was a Janssenbird, from topfanciers Duivenvoorde/Welp Heemskerk, he was a son of their Supercouple, a brother was the best middle distance bird of Holland in 1990. In the winter of 1999 we bought a brother of this pigeon, and also this was a Superracer, he won more then 20 topprizes, we give him the name Crack '26. And in 2000 the Crack '26 was forming a couple with the mother of the Super '22, they give a new superstar the 00-5048601, the Zidane. In 2 years winner of five 1st prizes, and in 2002 the 6th National place short distance.

Two sons of the Ace bird the Rappe also ended in the National Top, on the 12th and 16th place. So you can say, it is a small loft, but a big family of winners. From 1995 till 2001 we were 5 times in the top 10 of Holland on the short distance, no one did better.

The last years we raced with 20 widowers, and 6 hens, mostly the short and middle distance , only a few birds we race on the one day races., We breed for ourselve 50 youngsters. We have only 8 stockpairs, it is here quality and not quantity.

From 2005, we have good contact with the German topfancier F.W. Revermann from Nordhorn, he is a collector from the best pigeons of Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Also we have good contact with the dutch topfancier Ferry van Loo from Zutphen, from him we have also a few pigeons from his best racers/breeders.

From 2012 we bought 2 direct Gaby Vandenabeele hens, and 2 hens from Willem de Bruyn.


Kees Bleeker
Istriastraat 63
1829 XB Oudorp/Alkmaar
Tel: 0031 (0)72 - 5151453

Jan Bleeker
Van de Vijzellaan 18
1834 AW Sint Pancras
Tel: 072 - 5642869

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